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Blockchain Technologies, FinTech and Smart Contracts Development
with power of Gamification.

We work especially with these branches
Crypto Miners
Main area of our interests are
Blockchain &
Blockchain is a future technology
(used in Bitcoin, Ethereum, DASH
etc). We use it now!
Use game mechanics to enrich your website, application or mobile app.
Your users will love it!
We can help you with:

Based on Blockchain technology, we create cryptocurrency wallets. It can be dedicated to one cryptocurrency or manage multiple currencies as multiwallets.

Our solutions is secured allow you to use cryptocurrencies in the most safety way.
Crypto API
Crypto API

Crypto API is a cryptocurrent node (node) that allows reading data from other computers (nodes) in the network of the given cryptocurrency (Blockchain).

You can use them to, for example, create a portfolio or stock market.
Corporate & Personal Tokens
Corporate &
Personal Tokens
Corporate or Personal Tokens are a great idea to generate additional profit for your company or boost your personal branding.

We will help in creating them, but we will also advise how to use them.
Join innovative minds and increase your brand's recognition around the world!
Cryptocurrency Exchanges
We create exchanges for our clients listing selected cryptocurrencies and fiats.

We care about security and reliability.
Crypto API

We create exchanges for our clients listing selected cryptocurrencies and fiats.

We care about security and reliability.

We create projects based on the busineess Blockchain framework Hyperledger in health care, financial, manufacturing, retail and many more.
Smart contracts
Implement smart contracts to automate enforcement agreements.

Implementation of cryptography-based technologies to store unchangeable data that can be automatically performed based on specific conditions.
Data storage
Blockchain - based end-to-end encrypted distributed object storage.

Ensured security, privacy, and transparency for your company's data.
What is your idea?
is your idea?
We implement cryptography-based technology to store unchanging data.

We will help you choose in which processes in your company we can apply it.
Selected Blockchain Projects

Personal Token
(MGC - Michal Gee Token)

For Michał Grzybkowski, we have emitted a Personal Token named (MGC - Michal Gee Token). Our task was to configure the parameters of this cryptocurrency and to create a smart-contract. The token was written in Solidity on the Ethereum platform, based on the erc20 standard. A lot of interest during Airdrop confirmed the well done job.

We can help you with:
Creative concepts
and game scenarios
The creation of a gamification project must be preceded by a concept tailored to the goal that we want to achieve. Only on this basis that we can create an interesting and engaging scenario.
Elements of
game mechanics
We add game elements to existing company's websites or applications such as sales, HR, educational and onboarding. It is a great way to raise the motivation or commitment of employees in company processes.
We create websites and web applications based on gamification. We approach the work comprehensively, starting from UX and ending on Q&A tests.
Selected Gamification Projects

Media Consumption Monitor

For HusarLabs, we have created an app to monitor electricity and gas consumption at home using React.js technology. The application implements elements of game mechanics and thus engages users to be more ECO-friendly. Because we love to be eco!


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