We are an innovation lab for hire, helping companies accelerate digital transformation.

We provide services & technologies that drive Industry 4.0 - blockchain, AI, IoT.


We prioritise the business value
of technology

We are an interdisciplinary team of developers, engineers, designers, consultants, passionate about cutting-edge innovation.

We operate on three levels of transformation – technology, processes and people. We first help our clients define and narrow down business opportunities, design prototypes and digital transformation strategy, and then help them implement the solutions, in line with business goals and priorities. The tech areas we are most experienced in are blockchain (private and public), AI, and IoT – the three pillars of Industry 4.0.
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Private & public

We specalise in custom blockchain-based software developement. Our specialists will adapt your current system to blockchain requirements or create it from scratch.

AI & machine learning

Machine learning has already revolutionized many aspects of our life. Thanks to tools like: TensorFlow, SciKit Learn or in general Python language we can customize power of AI to your needs.

Internet of things

Fast expansion in IoT industry require teams of experts who can easily integrate software with even the most sophisticated hardware.

Our recent projects

For Szczepan Bentyn - fameous blockchain influencer we create personaltokens.io - innovative platform listing personal tokens. Platform can be used for issuing your own personal token as well.

The scope of work involve a UX wireframes, UI design, front-end (React.js) and back-end (Node.js) works. We decided to use Ethereum blockchain to implement ERC20 based tokens.

computer computer

Technologies and solutions

We use cutting-edge technologies to drive innovation..


What our clients say about us

Szczepan Bentyn

Crypto YouTuber, CEO of Pracownia Nowych Technologii

Our aim was to build a Crypto API which is an application providing a coherent programming interface (API) for four nodes based on Blockchain technology, i.e .: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and DASH. Trifinity done it excellent! The agency earned recognition for their trustworthy and proactive attitude. I was working with their CTO, who is a really sharp, technical person. Developers delivered an excellent product on time because they know cutting-edge blockchain technology.

Michał Grzybkowski

CEO at Beyond.pl and Book Author at kryptowaluty.edu.pl

Trifinity provides quick and fully functional help with my Personal Token (MGC - Michal Gee Token) as well as advice and development of additional functionalities needed for the smooth operation of a smart-contract. Besides, there are amazing people that you can work with. More over their support is excellent.

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